Why Us?

Besides that the School is still managed and overseen by our Celebrity Chef Khumalo who puts emphasise on the fact that learners need to have the right set of skills in order to make a success of the industry however he says: fact nothing beats our graduates. He believes that by sharing and imparting our knowledge and mentoring young people we are only investing into a richer tomorrow. At CPSH we strive to provide our students with skills relevant to the industry. We offer culinary training that is highly recognised and recommended across the world. Our chef instructors are individuals that are highly passionate about the hospitality industry. Our instructors have years of experience working in the industry therefore knowing the dos and   don’ts of the industry like the back of their hands. We hold our student’s hands every step of the way and lead them through greater heights.

We go an extra mile to offer education that will ensure our students understand and are able to practice what they have learnt. We install methods of approaching challenging subjects that help the students to get their minds around the concepts in a much easier, comfortable and convenient way of learning. We ensure that our students get the best placement within the hospitality industry across the world. We create a network with everyone involved within the hospitality across the world. We then involve our student in all activities of the industry thereby giving them enough practical skills which prove to be advantageous in the working fields. Even our certificate students will surprise you with their knowledge of the industry as we give them enough practice in the kitchen and also emphasize to them the importance of understanding cost implications of this industry. When they arrive at our School we instil discipline, teach them professionalism, take them through intensive skills practice, mentor them to have good attitude and show them that the sky is the limit.

Although we ensure that academic results are great, for us it is about the relevancy to the industry that will ensure that all our graduates become assets to the employers rather than be liabilities. With Chef Khumalo hands on in training students, his rich knowledge from around the world, his skills, his enthusiastic approach to the profession as well as the love and passion and his mentorship skills ensures that every staff member and student has an unbelievable culture of always delivering the best.  www.chef-khumalo.info. 

Flexible schedules are put to place in order to fit the busy lives of those starting out career changes, or those who train while working. Our education programs are distinguished by their quality, innovation, and resources. Our instruction emphasizes hands-on learning in small class settings to allow enough room for individual attention.

We offer an extra mile education that helps ensure our students understand and are able to practice what they have learned. This allows students to build their knowledge and skills in an ideal learning sequence. We are very respectful when it comes to culture hence the reason we accommodate students from across Africa and the entire world.

CPSH places the student’s needs as individuals close to its heart. This shows that we respect and embrace the cultures of every person and treat them with the dignity they deserve regardless. Our Diploma graduates are prepared for the complexity of the food professions and for future leadership in the industry while students advance their communication and critical thinking skills, and build their knowledge of human behaviour, language, and culture.

We take it upon ourselves to try and find a nearby, safe, secure and affordable accommodation for students who reside outside Johannesburg. Future plans of in-house living are underway to allow a closer range of travel for students on a daily basis.

So how do you know that you are choosing the right school? The answer is simple-research:

  • After your research you will come across maybe 20 names of culinary and hospitality schools that are outstanding, then you will have to make a discussion and decision on where to go according to budget, location, enticement, delivery and mostly choose a school that cares
  • At CPSH we do not only brag about our extra mile on delivery we commit ourselves to the students and give them personal attention. We believe that education and entrepreneurship is what will improve the world’s economy especially Africa. Therefore we do not only train but mentor our students towards being entrepreneurs.
  • At CPSH, we offer our students relevant education to the industry. More importantly we focus on the skills that matter and will guarantee our students jobs that they can keep and grow as well as guaranteeing employers who are our partners that our graduates will be nothing but assets.