The hospitality industry is a vibrant and glamorous field. A career in hospitality opens up opportunities to work in a dynamic environment than most professions; opportunities to earn a good living are endless. However let’s all face it folks there is no other industry that requires friendly workforce than the hospitality.  At CPSH we are totally driven by the passion for the industry and pride ourselves in the quality education we provide as well as instilling discipline and friendliness to all our learners. That is the reason you will find our graduates being very friendly all the way- we walk the talk. Some people shy away from the industry because of the long hours, not knowing the benefits that one can reap from it - the travelling, meeting people, working in a friendly environment, career progression and opportunities of earning a great salary.  The industry is worth billions of dollars and is the future pillar of South Africa’s economy growth as well as the entire Africa.  Our strength at CPSH is in producing some of the finest chefs one can ever find in the industry, we do not just regard ourselves as one of the best training providers in the industry however we indeed provide the best education and best skills transfer to all our leaners at the same time mentoring them to be pioneers of the future. We create networking opportunities as well as exposure to all our learners by involving them in all the hospitality and culinary expeditions. By choosing career in the culinary and hospitality world you are definitely in the right space, now choose the right school by exploring and investigating according to your needs.  We guarantee you affordably quality experience


One of the most respected chefs said, “You don’t really know how to cook a dish until you have done it a thousand times.”
There is no substitute for years of experience. Studying cooking principles in books and in schools can get your career off to a running start. You may learn more about basic cooking theories from your chef instructors than you could in several years of working your way up from washing vegetables. But if you want to become an accomplished cook, you need practice, practice, and more practice. Although we offer enough academic knowledge for one to pass their diploma we ensure that we give enough practical experience and practice, as diploma will not make you a chef. Within the school we have a catering & events company, Asidle Chef Khumalo’s Gourmet catering, which has proven to be a huge advantage to our students who get plenty of actual practical practice.

So what characteristics does one need to survive in the industry?

  • Passion
  • Interpersonal skills
  • No emotions/ be able to accept criticism
  • Be able to think on your feet
  • Determined to succeed
  • Perseverance
  • Skill
  • Always eager and willing to learn
  • Physical & mental stamina
  • Discipline
  • Hardworking
  • Cultural respect
  • Positive attitude
  • Inclined by quality